Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fabo Links

Hello darlings (:

Here are the rad things I found over the internet, enjoy!

How cool is Nemo33? This place really makes me want to learn how to dive! I could only wish, my ears condition is not allowing me to dive ): Boohoo.

Egg timer! Who knew!

I'm so in love with Norway...

Beautiful, sweet, vintage-feely wedding

Hillsong United is coming to Jakarta! I just pre-registered to secure invitations / special price tix. I really hope my husband and I could attend and worship God. 

Planning a quick (and nearby) getaway some time soon with my husband and if possible, with our close friends to Pulau Macan / Tiger Island. Only 88 minutes from Jakarta by boat. Who wants to tag along?
Why Chinese mothers are superior? Find out why! I may not agree with some of her methods, nevertheless I admire her determination. Still, who am I to judge her, her daughter obviously emerged into one smart teenager who just got accepted into Harvard. So, moms, thoughts?

I know I'm too old for a tree house, still someday I'd build one just like this for me. Best place to read books.

Toodles! (:

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