Thursday, May 05, 2011

Fabo Links

Once a week I shift through the millions of Etsy listings to find unique/artsy/vintage items. Etsy is a craft website and not a commercial, mass-market dealer, items are almost always one-of-a-kind or in very limited availability. So when I see something I like, buying them is a must (in my mind - heart - and soul). Because those items may not be there the next time I surf round. (Yes, it’s a very dangerous site for my credit card.) Also, since most items are created individually, many sellers are willing to customize something specifically to suit my needs... and of course, some pretty things that I really want but just don't need. *sigh*

Want examples?
One more confession to make, I'm a sucker for online stores. So here are my other dream items that I found on 

Okay enough with online stores... made my heart ache! Instead, let's go travel to some beautiful place;

just chill and enjoy the view while staying at this lovely villa in Mykonos. Then we could go to Santorini just to find this boat book shop and take pictures! 

While at the beach, what's your favorite beach accessory? Mine: Chic Floppy hats are elegant and protect my face from sun damage. 

and oh, Switzerland is always a great idea! The alps so gorgeous! We could pretend to be Heidi for a while (; 

or we could go to London to see The Audrey Hepburn Collection by Bob Willoughby exhibit at  Proud's Chelsea gallery, 161 King's Road, London from 12th May – 26th June 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

Eventhough the Royal Wedding is way over, I'm happy that I stumbled upon this article. Billy and Baby? Willy and Hazza? (': Good to know that they were having a blast at the private party!

Lastly, I hope my brother get to see this and would want his wedding reception to look like this, because I can and I will make it happen for him and future bride! Simply beautiful, romantic and magical. What do you think, adek? 

'til next time! Toodles! (;

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