Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glittery Ring Fingernail

My freshly painted nails on February 20th 2012.

At this point, I've been doing my nails every three days. This time I painted hot pink nail polish with only the nail on my ring finger topped with glittery gold polish. I've got my inspiration from The Glitter Guide. Even though I prefer to use my turquoise nail polish, I decided to postpone turquoise til end of this month, to honor this month of love (and my wedding anniversary) by wearing hot pink nail polish. My birthday is in March, so yes I'll be wearing turquoise nail polish for the whole month. LOL! I'm that corny when it comes to manicure and pedicure.

Most of my friends wear their wedding rings on their right hands and they find it odd that I wear mine on my left hand. I told them that my parents also wear theirs the same way, which is true but not the reason why I wear mine on my left hand. I didn't tell any of them the actual reason why I wear my wedding ring on my left hand.

Did you know the old belief about couples who wear their wedding rings on the left finger will have a long lasting marriage? It is believed that the vein in that finger went straight to the heart. I don't care it's true or false, but I think that is very sweet and romantic.  Especially when my wedding ring is very special to me, not as a fashion statement,  but as a symbol of our union and a promise that should be kept for a lifetime. And for me, glittery ring fingernail surely is a great addition to that old belief and makes my nails prettier. 

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