Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caroline Channing's Walk-In Closet

2 Broke Girls stole my heart since the pilot episode and it's actually a lot funnier than my other favorite show, New Girl. But I'm not going to discuss about the show but Caroline's Walk-In Closet! In Eps 4: And The Rich People Problems, Max and Caroline broke in to Caroline's townhouse to retrieve Caroline's biteguard. They stepped in to Caroline's tres gorgeous teal-themed walk-in closet! I'm in love. My future walk-in closet would surely look like this (or close - lol) ((; ... Amen.  

What do you think? 

images printscreened on my iMac

1 comment:

selena paul said...

Caroline Channing's character is really incomplete without 2 Broke Girls Leather Jacket, I can Imaging her in a single episode she has a really dressing sense.

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