Friday, June 15, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

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Hello darlings! I'm joyful to tell that I have fully recovered from my illness. So apparently I had measles! Thank Jesus it's in the past now, definitely not going to miss the high fever / sore throat / red spots and the itchiness and the meds!!! So I'm looking forward to a healthy and relaxing weekend. I'm planning to see some movies, probably Soegija or Snow White and the Huntsman or Promotheus... or probably all of the above. I love movie marathon and enjoy watching movies alone (but not lonely!). I hope you're going to do fun things too... have a good one! But before that, here are the links:

Lonely Planet is officially on Pinterest! 

Let's support Project Sophia.

I feel like diving into this sweet sweet place.

Thinking of trying these ombre nails.

Love story for this weekend: Frank and Ava

Colorful Pop Up Garden.

The Best Scrambled Egg You'll Ever Have.

EuroCup 2012 schedule.

Love Anne Hathaway's new pixie cut!

I want this hidden owl teacup!

The Beach Boys live in Singapore this coming August... should I?

'til next Friday darlings! toodles <3

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