Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dream Office

Since I watched "The September Issue" last year or two years ago (?) and with as many fabulous moments that stand out, there is one thing that I can never seem to ignore - Mrs. Wintour's office! Her overwhelmingly cream and traditionally designed office, went a bit industrial with the steel chairs and not to forget, photo walls are a must! I so fancy photo walls, check out my bedroom's wall below:

I love to decor my wall with my favorite photos! This one is one of my bedroom walls. I love it.  I guess my future office would be more or less the same ((:
Anyhoo, Anna Wintour's office is brilliant. I am instantly hooked!  One day, I will have an office just like hers.

The September Issue

The fab Anna Wintour at her brilliant office.

Tolix® Marais A Chair, Anna Wintour's Office Chair
I'd want this chair in turquoise to be my office chair.
Or this one if I want to get comfortable (;
Photo walls are a must!
Cute office but I don't fancy the desk lamps, chair and flowers on the desk. Too tacky. 

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