Thursday, December 16, 2004


Few minutes ago...

I was watching DVD... then my dad came...
Dad: Do you have plans with your friends tomorrow night?
Me: Not yet... why?
Dad: Do you mind if I ask you to just stay at home? Just for tomorrow. We need to practice on a song.
Me: eh?
Dad: Yeah, I thought it'd be great if me, mom, your brother sing on Christmas Eve. Just one song. I've already chosen the song.
Me: You mean in front of our big family? Just the 4 of us? Daaaaad??? Are you serious?
Dad: YEAP!
Me: ***speechless*** (I was just starring at him with my-so-weird-look on my face)
Dad: Btw, the song would be "Mary's Boy Child". Great, huh?

and then he left... I was still amazed... that was just not my dad!!! Soooo not himmmm!!! My dad? What happened...?!!!
He's not the kind that likes to perform on stage or whatsoever... and now... he's... different.
If it's my uncle or anybody else, I'm totally cool with that... but it's my dad!!! I seriously gotta ask my mom bout this! Mooooommmmm.....!!!!!!

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