Thursday, December 23, 2004

My Random Blabs

What a looongg day... and all the things I did today were the preparations for Christmas. I went to a tailor to cut my new pants. It's too long for me... well hey, I'm not a tall girl. Thennn... I met up with mom at PIM... we shopped, shopped, and shopped... then I looked at my watch, ouch, it's already 9 PM. (I arrived there around 4 PM) heuheuhuehue... time went by that fast! ;D

You know, I started to think about getting a job... Holiday's over... by January, I have to get a job! One thing for sure... I'm not gonna work in Banking industry ever again! Enufff... so, anyone... if you need a fresh graduate who has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, feel free to contact me!
Kay thennn... gotta go... ciaooo alle!

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