Thursday, December 09, 2004

Questionnaire on Friendster

I got this questionnaire on friendster... it's kinda fun filling in this questionnaire, I'm telling you which movies are my favorite and worth to watch!

* Last Movie You Watched: at Cinema; National Treasure, on DVD: The Classic (Korean movie)

* You Laughed Your A** Off During : Boat Trip, Euro Trip, Finding Nemo

* You Cried SO HARD During : The Passion of the Christ

* Movie That You REALLY Want To Watch, But Its Not Yet Shown In The Cinema Near You: Purple Butterfly, Memoirs of A Geisha

* You Think This Actor Deserves To Receive An Academy Award Next Year: Johnny Depp

* And This Actress Deserves One As Well: Natalie Portman

* The Hottest Movie So Far: Lord of The Rings (all 3)

* The Corniest Movie So Far: all Jim Carey's movies

* The World Worst ACT You've Ever Seen: J.Lo and Ben Affleck in Gigli

* After You Saw This Movie, You Couldn't Sleep: all Horror movies!!! HUH!

* After You Saw This Movie, You Realized That Your Life Could Be Ended Soon: Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow

* The Greatest Actor For You .. WHY?: Bruce Willis... He's my man! ;D hehehe

* The Greatest Actress For You .. WHY?: Audrey Hepburn... I adore her!

* If You Had Chance To Direct A Romantic Movie, Who'd You Pair Up?: Takeshi Kaneshiro and I! Hahaha... well, maybe Jay Hernandez and Natalie Portman

* The Most .. Romantic Movie Ever: Friends (Korean-Japanese), Turn Left Turn Right (Chinese movie), The Classic (Korean movie), Titanic, 50 first dates, and many more!

* Best Fighting Scene: Kill Bill vol. 1 (esp. the scenes in Japan)

* Best Kissing Scene: Ever After

* Best Make Out Scene: Original Sin, Unfaithful

* Best Costumes: The Lord of The Rings, Hero

* Best Soundtrack: De-Lovely, Save the Last Dance

* The Hottest Superhero: Wonder Woman

* You Memorize This Line To Death: You jump, I jump! (Titanic) ;)

* You've Watched This Movie For Million Times, But You Still Don't Get What's Actually Happening: Matrix

* You Wish You Could Play The Role Of : Noriko Nakagawa/Takako Chigusa/Mitsuko Souma in Battle Royale

* You Fell A Sleep In The Middle Of It: Cold Mountain

* Last DVD You Bought: The Classic

* Then, Your Favorite Movie Of All is : Too many... Can't pick one...

Well, I must say, lately I've been a fan of Japanese, Chinese (Hongkong & Taiwan), and Korean movies! European movies are also unique & interesting. Well maybe I'm just a lil bit bored with Hollywood's. My recommendations:
Japanese: Battle Royale, Madadayo, Tokyo Godfathers, Grave of The Fireflies, Space Travelers
Chinese: Turn Left Turn Right, Infernal Affairs I-II-III, The House of Flying Daggers, 20-30-40
Korean: The Classic, My Sassy Girl, My Crazy Love

European: Goodbye, Lenin! (German), Taxi 1-2-3 (French), Yamakasi (French), Life is Beautiful/La Vita e bella (Italian), Asterix et Obelix - Contre Cesar (French) 

Well That's it for now... but I'll keep this post updated! 

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