Thursday, December 30, 2004

Excited yet Sad...

Just finished packing! Yeayyy... tomorrow morning I'll fly to Bali (^,^)

Hope the weather's good. Hope nothing bad will happen. Geez I'm still paranoid because of that catastrophe happened around South East Asia few days ago. The earthquake... the tsunami. May the victims' soul rest in peace. Anyways... since the catastrophe, I received e-mails & SMSs from my friends around the world. All of 'em were worried and said that they're thinking of me, my family & friends... also included me in their prayers. I'm so touched! Lucky me, having such nice friends. Love you guys! But anyways, I had confirmed them that in Indonesia, the catastrophe was only happened at North-West of Indonesia (Aceh). It's far from Jakarta (where I live). In other words, I'm perfectly fine. By the way... if u (my blog readers) have any family member that visit any of the countries that suffer the tsunami and haven't heard from them,

To contact representatives from India, call +91 11 2309 3054
To reach Thailand, call their emergency hotline at +66 2643 5262 and 2643 5000
For information about local residents in Sri Lanka, call +94 11 536 1938, for tourists the number is +94 11 243 7061
In the Maldives, the government hotline is +44 20 7224 2149
For more information on travelers in the Seychelles, call +248 321 676


The quake 8.9 on the Richter scale...
Strucked off:
- The Western island of Sumatra,Indonesia
- Sri Lanka
- India
- Thailand
- The Maldives
- Myanmar
- Malaysia

It was the fourth largest earthquake since 1899 and a massive tsunami over 20th century..

More than 20,000 people dead...
More people missing by swept out to sea...
Many of them are children and the elderly...
More people homeless...

From the bottom of my heart...I'm expressing condolences over the "terrible loss of life and suffering" and include them in my prayers.

Bad News... Fluffy (Siskya's dog) died this morning. Cause: sickness. I was sooo shocked when Tisha told me that. I loved Fluffy sooo much!!! She used to lick my face to wake me up so I can play with her everytime I sleptover at Siskya's. And many other memories... God rest her soul... I've missed her already...

Oh well... enough with sad stories, I'm gonna get some sleep... coz I got an early flight to catch.

Happy Holiday Everyone!
Happy New Year too!


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