Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Must love Hachiko.

Last night, I went to Golden Village at Vivo City to watch Hachiko...

Oh waittt... first of all, you have to know one of Amara's facts. Amara does not cry at movies. The Notebook, Marley and Me, Ladder 49 basically all those tear-jerker movies you ever watched... they only made me.. errr, touched? Ohh actually there's one, "Passion of The Christ". I bawled, bawled and bawled from the beginning til the end of the movie.

Except "Passion of The Christ", movies have never made me cry....until Hachiko.  I even knew the ending going in, and it STILL made me cry. Oh man, I cried uncontrollably and didn't stop until like 15 minutes after its over! It's a true story, how can I not cry? I am looking forward to purchasing the DVD. I love dogs and own two Sibe-Huskies, so this story hits me hard. I couldn't stop crying from the moment of Professor's death. It was one of the best movies I ever seen. The story of Hachiko has to be told, because it's the most pure love story there can be - the love between a dog and his master...

I'll definitely go to Hachiko's statue at Shibuya one day and take a picture with Hachiii... check out the story of Hachiko on Wikipedia. Still can't believe Hachiko's loyalty. He was amazing, sweet and greatest dog story ever told.

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