Sunday, March 13, 2011


One of the largest earthquakes in recorded history hit Japan last Friday, March 11, 2001, shaking cities and villages along a 1,300-mile stretch of coastline with terrifying tremors felt as far away as Tokyo, hundreds of miles from the epicenter. The quake killed and injured many people and unleashed a monster 33-foot-high tsunami that sent ships crashing into shore, wiped away homes, carried cars through the streets of towns and took away many lives.

My family and I were in front of the television when that catastrophe happened, we watched how the powerful tsunami came in and swept away the cars, homes, buildings, ships and people. It was devastating and horrifying. To think that an hour before the tsunami, those people were laughing - working - running errands - relaxing - sleeping, everything was normal - just another day in Northern part of Japan. Then an hour later, they were all gone. I actually visualized that on my mind and got very disturbed seconds later. 

The earthquake was terrible as well, many people injured and infrastructures heavily damaged. Thank God, my friends and some of my family in Tokyo are safe and sound. Here are the photos of the devastating catastrophe...

No matter how advanced a country is, mother nature is still in full control. There is nothing we can do but to pray for Japan, make donations and be grateful that we still have more days to live.

My love and prayer go out to all those effected by these horrible events... God bless us all.

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