Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabo Links

Haven't posted few of my favorite things from all over the internet. It's time. 

I love Design Sponge's website, they give great ideas into my everyday life. Been a fan since 2007 and still going strong (: Thanks Grace Bonney!

One of my favorite categories on Design Sponge would be the Living In articles. Check out some of my favorites:  
Breakfast at Tiffany's (naturally), 
Troop Beverly Hills (Yes, I know all of the lines to the movie. I've watched it since I was 7 - and I love the yellow and white striped stuffs), 
Breathless (Aahh Jean Seberg and all those stripes clothes), 
The original Parent Trap (Cute vintage items), 
The Graduate (I love Mrs Robinson's house decor - great movie too!)
Coco Before Chanel (The Sailor Stripes and the classy and elegant style)
An Education (must love all the vintage clothes and accessories)

Also Design Sponge's Entertaining section, esp the recipes! I'm going to try out this Melissa Clark's Bacon, Rosemary and Tomato Pasta and will serve this dish to my husband when he's in town for a short visit! He loves pasta and adores bacon!

I love this Lands' End Canvas Look Book app on my iPad.

If you're an Interior Designer, you must have these 5 apps installed on your iPad.

This DIY looks quite easy and I love the turquoise colored tapered rectangle top. I hope I have the skill (and time) to do it (;

I AM NOT A FAN OF LADY GAGA (yes, this statement must be typed in capital letters) and on the contrary I LOVE TONY BENNETT. In this video, Tony Bennett as usual delivers a great performance (gotta love this old champ) and I must admit that Lady Gaga is doing a pretty good job here too. Still not a fan of her, but I do like this video.  

Another incredibly easy DIY: Wrap-Turned-Scarf. Care to try?

Starting to love Kelly Framel's jewelry shop.

Also, today's October 12th! Don't forget to update your iTunes to 10.5 version so you can update your iPhone / iPod / iPad to iOS 5. Yay!

Currently loving Hillsong's Saviour King. God is Great!

Toodles! xox

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