Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flip Flops

I think everyone remembers each of their precious pairs of Havaianas. I bought my first Havainas in Bali, They were yellow Havaianas brazil flip flops and although they have seen better days before my dog Lowy chewed on them, I still have them and know that I will never have the heart to part with them.

Then few days ago, my other pair of Havaianas just broken. The white slim Havaianas bought in Melbourne, Australia. After 4 years, they decided to stop functioning. Just looking at them I remember all the adventures and showers that we’ve shared. Traveling through Hongkong and Singapore, countless trips along the coast of Bali and Manado, and just way too many memories in Jakarta. I'm keeping them for sentimental reason.

Although I will move with the times, and now have found that Ipanema flip flops are much more comfortable, my Havaianas pairs will always have a special place in my heart. What's your favorite flip flops?  

Bali, 2009

Manado, 2008

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