Monday, March 29, 2010

Jenson Button #1

Jenson Button won Australian F1 Grand Prix Melbourne. I cannot help but blog about this. Jenson Button has always been my favorite since he raced for Benetton back in 2001. Everybody was making fun of me back then, "What the hell? That guy's a loser. Why him?" The most common reaction everytime I stated/answered that my fav F1 racer is Jenson Button. Okay so, back then when he was still with Benetton, he usually finished 9th / 12th. It's the car!!! I have always known that if he gets the right car, he'd be number 1. Everybody usually just laughed at me everytime I said that, especially you, my little brother! :D Took 8 years to prove that he is good. As soon as Brawn GP appointed Button as their driver along with Barrichello, he started to prove the world that he is the world champion. You can't really imagine how satisfied I am, like beyond! I was right all this long. Now that Button is with McLaren team, I am more confident that he's going to win this season's F1 :) You go Jenson baby!!!

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