Saturday, July 24, 2010

Currently Loving

  1. Books: Rick Riordan is really doing it for me these days. I really enjoy Riordan's style and simplicity yet incredibly interesting.
  2. Anything to do with Greek and Egyptian history. This really isn't new for me, but since I read Rick Riordan's books, it's become a much bigger love!
  3. Striped shirts. The horizontal stripes are the best, in navy or black, thick or thin. I can't stop wearing them.
  4. Obsessing over desserts: cheesecakes, fruit tartlets, lemon cakes, chocolate fudge cakes.
  5. Songs by Lisa Ono, Sara Bareilles, She & Him (this is my neverending love), Ingrid Michaelson, Zee Avi (thanks to lil miss tatoulla), Melody Gardot, Meaghan Smith, Lucy Schwartz, Lisa Ekdahl, Lenka, Alison Krauss and Kate Nash. Their songs are on shuffle mode ;)

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