Wednesday, November 16, 2011

E-Volo Multicopter

Wow, the kind of transportation Jakartans need. Bluntly speaking, with the traffic and all, well in my opinion Jakarta has the most worst traffic I've ever experienced. Don't forget the pollution, I have to remind my self every now and then, that grey skies are not normal. Why did I ever move back here from Bali?! Oh well. As much as I miss the blue skies and friendly traffic, I'll try my best to make peace with this city of mine. (Chanting: I love Jakarta, I love Jakarta, I love Jakarta)

Anyways, back to topic.

The traffic is enough to make people lose their mind.  Sitting two or three hours in a car to go 20 or 30 km is mind-melting. Having a multicopter will change my life! This device is several years away from becoming a realistic option, but really, they have to work on this device and mass-produce it. I would love to have one. 

Jakartans, what do you think?

via E-Volo

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