Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Physical Books versus E-Books

Lately I love purchasing e-books through iTunes Store so I could read them on the iPad anytime, anywhere. Before e-books era, I'm already at the point that a book has to come with me wherever I go. Business meetings, hang out with my friends, eventhough if I'm not going to be able to read, a book always comes with me. Things I have to check before leaving the house: wallet, cellphone, keys, small beauty case and book... OK I'm good to go! ((: I even have back up books in the car just in case. But now, the iPad is good enough.

I still prefer the physical books, I love the look, feel and smell of paper books. Still my favorite! However I find myself quite enjoying the e-reading revolution. I like that I have plenty books on my iPad and that I can read whatever I fancy at any time without having to wonder about where I put it. Also I have way too many books already and they're taking a lot of space in the house! And e-books are cheaper too. 

I’ll never go completely to e-books just because I still love having packed shelves in my home, but about half of my reading is done on the iPad these days. If I like what I read, I will surely buy the physical books. For example, these are the e-books I read on the iPad (time period October - November)...

1. The Son of Neptunes - Rick Riordan 
Recently bought the physical book! (: I love Rick Riordan!

via Rick Riordan's Blog
2. The Help - Kathryn Stockett 
Great book! But not in a hurry to get the physical book. Would love to one day.

via Sarah's Cover
Definitely will buy the physical copy as soon as they available in Jakarta. I love her, she's hilarious!

via Movie Line
4. Aleph - Paulo Coelho
I liked it, but I don't think I'll buy the physical copy of this book.
via Arab News
5. Hector And The Search For Happiness - Francois Lelord
Going to buy the physical book for sureeee!

via Buy Her
6. Out of Oz - Gregory Maguire
I bought this already but haven't read it yet. But make no mistake, I'm so getting the physical book! I'm actually collecting his Wicked Years series. This is book #4.
via Passages To The Past
7. Paper Angels - Jimmy Wayne and Travis Trasher
Very Inspiring book, it's about kindness and Christmas. How can I not love this book?

via Got Country Online

Both physical books and e-books are divine. I love them almost equally (65% physical books and 35% e-books). Well I guess what I'm trying to say is that... It really doesn't matter what format we read, as long as we are still reading!

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