Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Thoughts: Be Strong and Courageous

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This is the most meaningful bible verse for me. On my Confirmation day (May 1998), the pastor handed me a bible and wrote this verse on the first page. According to him, after spent few months of attending Catechism class led by him and based on the result of my tests and et cetera, this is the perfect bible verse for me to hold on to. 

I'm a strong woman but there are times when I feel like giving up and powerless. This verse helps me to get through those times, gives me hope and faith that God will always be with me at all times. His words strengthen me (:

I also chose this verse for today's Sunday Thoughts because today was my besties Tikyta Syarani and Letisia Manoe's Confirmation Day at GPIB Paulus. Since I was not able to attend due to my illness (sinus, y u no leave me alone huh?), I dedicate this post and this verse to them. We are only human, in life we will be facing ups and downs and this verse speaks to us that God will always be with us! God bless. 

PS: The Pastor who gave me this verse was Pdt. R. A. Waney, MTh. from GPIB. Thank you! (:

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