Monday, November 14, 2011

Wanderlust: Kiruna, Sweden

#2 on my bucket list. 

Fun fact, my parents almost named me "Aurora". My parents two name options were Aurora and Amarantha. 

Aurora, because my parents are in love with the Aurora Borealis phenomenon and it is a name of unimaginably beautiful lights that people gasp at. Thank God they didn't choose this one, it doesn't fit me! However, I do want to see this beautiful natural phenomenon one day. Be it in Sweden or Norway, I want to go. 

Amarantha, because my great great grandmother from my father's side (Aletha Umboh) had a sister named Amarantha Umboh. Mind you, mostly Minahasans (especially my family) love to re-use names of ancestors instead of using a new or unique name for their baby. Also the name has a sweet meaning (*ahem), Amarantha: originated as a Greek name. In Greek legend, it's the name of a  flower that never fades and never dies. 

I'm glad my parents named me Amarantha. I sure love the meaning, a flower that never fades and never dies. I hope my faith, spirit and determination in living my life will never fade and never die, just like my name. Amen. 

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