Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rambutan Rapiah ❤

Rambutan, is one of my most loved tropical seasonal fruits, I love them the most, especially the local variety which is called rambutan rapiah. They are now in season! Yay!!! *FreddyMercuryairpunch*

And I just had them today, so good! ❤  They taste soft, a bit chewy, mildly sweet. Although they're the "cousin" of Lychee, they're not as sweet as Lychee. And I happen to like them! Go try some. 

A bowl of Rambutan Rapiah! The leathery skin is reddish-yellowish-greenish, and covered with fleshy pliable spines.

How to eat Rambutan

They're all seasonal tropical fruits! My favorite fruits in no particular order.

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