Friday, March 16, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

aren't we all wanting the same thing? - via tumblr.
Well hello darlings!

I love ALL Katie Ermilio collection. She's my new favorite designer!

Antipasto Pizza and Creamy Prosciutto Pasta recipe!

I love Downton Abbey and also love the fact that people at that time were always dress properly. Can't wait for season 3.

DIY Chevron Wall ((:

I love Korean Food and would love to try making Kimbap. Looks good, yes?

Some cute cardigans.

Stripes wedding theme, I LOVE! 

Can't wait to watch this and this at the cinema.

This photo makes me miss Toledo. I will come back for a longer visit one day.

Jakartans! Two artists are going to perform this coming Sunday, March 18th: Kina Grannis and Jessie J. Which concert are you going to? I'm going to Kina's! (:

I'm thinking of going to this year's Disney On Ice show. ((:

Don't forget to check my pre-loved items here.

'til next week darlings! xox

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