Friday, July 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

via Chance
Hello darlings!

Just like the woman in the photo above, I'm going to spend this weekend alone because my husband Jonah already went back to Lombok last Tuesday. Planning a relaxing weekend... Just me, my book and my striped tee (and shorts). I actually enjoy being alone, on my own. Eventhough many people / friends (yes, not just some, but many) think that it is odd to go to the cinema alone, eating at restaurants or cafe alone, shopping alone, basically doing everything alone, I actually enjoy it to the hilt! Yes, I'm alone but I'm absolutely not lonely, there's a difference. Do any of you enjoy being alone too?

Oh well, I wish you all a very relaxing weekend (: 

Oh wow... Hidden Pools!

Then it leads to King Kai Pool Float. Oh!

Welovekaoru. Oh yes I do!

I just found out about Spice Girls' musical, "Viva Forever". Interesting!

I have a feeling that this would be my next bottle of essie ((:

Love this bride and groom's pic!

'til next week darlings! kiss


Lindsay said...

Me!!! I enjoy my "me"/alone time hahahhaa oh darling..I wish I live closer ;)

amarantha said...

we apparently have a lot of things in common huh! too bad we're miles apart!

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