Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

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Hello darlings! 

Don't you just love yummy desserts! Well, I do. I do love desserts. Although I have a wicked sweet tooth, it's discriminating. I don't like anything that's too sweet, such as sweet candies / caramelized apple (basically everything with caramel in it, so no Crème brûlée for me) / cupcakes with way-too-thick-icing. Just because it has sugar in it doesn't mean I'm going to eat it. Oh dear I hope I don't sound like a desserts snob. (; My kinds of cakes are cheesecakes (all kinds), tiramisu, red velvet and chocolate (esp. nutella) cakes.

Anyhoo... I always eat cake every weekend (not everyday, I'm avoiding diabetes lah) to keep my sanity and what I have been thinking about is which sweet treats I will indulge this weekend! Mmm... can't wait! 

Have a yummy weekend! 

If you want to try to make your own desserts, you might want to try this no bake cheesecake / pink vanilla pocky cake / tiramisu cheesecake / s'mores chocolate chip cookies

I want this tee.

I can relate to this very much. Happens to me everytime!

I'm so in love with this pair of sunglasses.

Gorgeous installation for Dior 2012 AW haute couture show.

DIY color blocked spoons.

I can't find my pantone color, can you find yours?

1920s screen sirens.

Some cute hot air balloon centerpieces!

'til next Friday! kiss. 

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