Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hector Series

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Last year I read Francois Lelord's Hector and The Search of Happiness and I loved it. So now I'm going to go to my favorite bookstore (YAY!) to get the rest of Hector series. I'm just hoping they're gonna be as great as Hector and The Search of Happiness. Eventhough I recently purchased Game of Thrones series (already watched the Season 1 and Season 2 and quite intrigued to read the books) and 50 Shades trilogy since everyone on the internet is recommending those two. In other words, I still have books I haven't read yet despite the fact I'm gonna run to the bookstore once again. I admit I'm greedy when it comes to books. Judge me. Whatever. #ForgiveMeMyWallet

I'm almost done reading The Hunger Games trilogy, currently reading Book 3: Mockingjay. So far, I'm loving The Hunger Games trilogy. It's so hard for me to put the book down, back to the real life. Suzanne Collins is brilliant! And it's gonna be even harder for me to part ways with Katniss and friends... pretty sure I'm going to have "book hangover".

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Lindsay said...

LOL! This is so me as well! oh books..you are my soul mate(s)!

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