Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Path To Inner Peace

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This quote is very true. I've been applying this to my life, hence my abandoned twitter account, instagram account and path account. I honestly can't find inner peace if I keep on checking my old twitter feed / old instagram feed / old path feed since there are too many dramas... so I simply "ignore" them. For me, it's a blessing not to know any gossip / ill behavior / when some people are spreading negative vibes. Do you any of you ever feel the same way? Or am I the only weird anti-social gal in the whole wide world? And if I'm bringing the negative vibe by blogging this post (I know I am), just do what I usually do, ignore! (;

Love you my darling readers! Please keep in mind that I will not abandon this blog, I will keep on blogging until the end of my life. Because this blog is one of my paths to inner peace. (:

PS: Since I have big love for instagram, few months ago I created new instagram account where I don't follow anyone (not even my husband) and no one follows me. I love it. However, since my blog readers are my favorite people, you can see my instagram feed here or just look at the slideshow on top right corner of this blog. But please don't follow my instagram account! LOL ((; I don't share all of my pics, eventhough most of them I share with everyone but I keep private few of my photos for some reasons. I still need privacy of course. (;

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