Friday, July 27, 2012

Fabulous Friday Finds

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Well hello darlings!

What a crazy beautiful view, isn't it! I wonder where's the location since the person who pinned this didn't exactly mention it. This pic also makes me want to go on a little vacay so badly! Some of my friends had asked me to go Vietnam / Thailand / Singapore next month but at the same time my husband will be here in Jakarta. I'll have to take a rain check. Sorry, ladies... bad timing ):

Anyways eventhough there won't be any jacuzzi with killer view for me this weekend, I'll just settle with some good books I picked up earlier this week. That's good enough for me. (: I hope you'll have a pleasant weekend as well!

Links this Friday:

Take me to gelato tasting in italy!

This pair of sunglasses... It was love at first sight really. But then I found out Elizabeth and James has almost the same pair and cheaper (half the price). Gorgeous aren't they! 

I agree

Great for any homes with dogs too.

Herb garden in the kitchen? I love this!

35+ years in the making toothpick sculpture by Scott Weaver. And it’s kinetic.

Love big hair.

Downton Abbey's season 2 costume highlights. I'm waiting in vain for season 3!!! 

DIY: Bra to bathing suit. Interesting! 

'til next Friday, darlings! Kiss.


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